Terms and Conditions

Payment Policy

  1. Payment in Full: is required on all orders at the time the order is placed. Purchase orders are not considered payment. There will be an additional $35 service charge on all returned checks. For your convenience, we accept the following forms of payment: Check, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. No cash will be accepted.
  2. Tax:: All amounts, except labor, are subject to a combined Arizona State and City sales tax. If you are tax exempt in the state of Arizona, please attach sales tax exemption certificate (form 5000) to your order. Orders submitted online will not be accepted as tax exempt, and credit will not be given for sales tax paid online. Tax exempt orders must be submitted with the order form and not placed online.
  3. Discount Rates: Please see order form for exact date for each event.
  4. Regular Rates: are applied to all orders received after the deadline for the discounted rates and orders received on-site at the event.
  5. Refunds: will not be issued on services that have already been installed. Refunds will not be considered unless submitted in writing by customer prior to the close of the event.
  6. Contract Agreement: Lessor will not be responsible for strikes, accidents, an Act of God, or delays beyond control. If by any reason of any default on the part of the lessee, hereunder, it becomes necessary to engage an attorney, the lessee agrees to pay all costs, expenses, and the attorney's fees expanded or incurred by lessor in connection therewith. Payment or receipt of this contract constitutes acknowledgment that lessee has read and agrees to all conditions and regulations as stated in this contract.



Outlets & Equipment

Outlets & Equipment:

  1. All electrical outlets are provided at an additional charge and are not part of a booth package unless otherwise indicated on the Commonwealth Electric order form.
  2. Each outlet ordered is ONE (1) SINGLE plug-in.
  3. In-line and peninsula booths: each outlet will be located at the back of the booth. Island booths: outlets will be placed at the most convenient location for Commonwealth Electric unless otherwise noted by the customer. Should outlets be required in any other location within the booth, a labor charge will be incurred, and a layout must be submitted with order.
  4. Outlets are to be ordered separately by each customer and may not be shared with other customers.
  5. Building utility outlets are not a part of the booth space and are not to be accessed, blocked or used by customers.
  6. Electrical floor boxes must not be covered or blocked by customer unless prior arrangements have been made with Commonwealth Electric.
  7. All materials and equipment furnished by Commonwealth Electric for this service order, shall remain the property of Commonwealth Electric and shall only be removed by Commonwealth Electric at the close of the event. Any equipment removed by the customer shall be charged the replacement cost of the specific equipment.


  • Labor charges shall be incurred for the following: (please refer to the order form or contact Commonwealth Electric for labor minimums per service)
    • Request for your outlet to be placed anywhere other than the back of your booth. A layout must be attached to your order with booth orientation & dimensions.
    • All 110V (120V) services above 20 amps.
    • All 208V (220V) services ordered with a minimum of one (1) hour labor per connection.
    • Conversion of customer power connection.
    • All overhead services.
    • Ordering eight (8) or more services within the same booth space.
    • Requested customer supervision for service installation.

Conditions and Regulations:

  1. Commonwealth Electric will provide standard NEMA connections for all services 208V (220V) or higher. Please check with Commonwealth Electric for specific type of connection per facility. It is the responsibility of each customer to convert to each facility's connection.
  2. Customers are responsible for supplying all converters 220V-110V for international equipment. Should Commonwealth Electric supply, there will be an additional charge. Contact Commonwealth Electric for specific charges.
  3. Commonwealth Electric will not be responsible for any cutting or altering of any floor covering in order to bring services to a booth in a specific location.
  4. All equipment, regardless of source of power, must comply with all Federal, State, and City safety codes.
  5. All equipment must be approved by Underwriters Laboratory and properly UL labeled with complete information as to current, voltage, phase, cycle, horsepower, etc. If equipment is not UL approved and tagged, Commonwealth Electric reserves the right to refuse to energize.
  6. All customer supplied cords must be of the three (3) wire grounded type. Use of open sockets, latex or lamp cord wire is prohibited.
  7. All exposed, non-current carrying metal parts of fixed equipment, which are liable to be energized, shall be grounded.
  8. Commonwealth Electric is not responsible for voltage fluctuations or power failure because of temporary conditions.


  1. How much power do I need to order?
    Answer: You will need to check the electrical tag/sticker on each piece of equipment to determine the actual wattage or amperage required. Please feel free to contact the Commonwealth Electric Account Manager for your event if you need assistance.
  2. How much power will I need to order for a laptop?
    Answer: You may power up to three (3) laptops per 500-watt outlet ordered.
  3. How much power will I need to order for lighting?
    Answer: Please add up the wattage of each lightbulb to determine total amount of wattage needed to order. Example: Four (4) sixty (60) watt lightbulbs would total two hundred forty (240) watts. You would need to order a 500-watt outlet to power these lights.



Water & Air Service

Connections & Equipment:

  • Connections:
    • Customer is responsible for making the connection from water supply, air supply or drain to equipment
    • If you would like Commonwealth to connect/disconnect your equipment - see Connect/Disconnect Labor.
    • All materials needed to make the connection are the exhibitor's responsibility.
    • Failure to make such a connection will result in additional labor charges according to CECM labor rates.
    • Connections are provided at an additional charge and are not part of the booth package unless otherwise indicated.
    • Connections are to be ordered separately by each exhibitor and may not be shared with other exhibitors.
    • Connection provided for compressed air is inch or inch quick-connect coupler. Please contact us for any availability on any other size fitting.
  • Property:
    • All materials and equipment furnished by CECM for this service order, shall remain the property of CECM and be removed only by CECM at the close of show. At the close of show, please leave all Commonwealth equipment in your booth to be collected.

Connect / Disconnect Labor:

  • Requirements:
    • If you are requesting water or air to be connected by Commonwealth Electric Co., you will be subject to the current labor rates.
  • Installation:
    • See the Commonwealth Service desk for on-site assistance during exhibitor move-in and to obtain receipts.


  • To help determine the amount of water needed for your fill, use the formula provided:
  • Length X Width X Height X 7.48 = Number of Gallons

  • Please call for quotes on labor if your booth is located outside.
  • An additional labor charge will apply if your water supply is requested to be turned on/off throughout the duration of the event.
  • Refills will be provided at an additional labor charge.
  • Filter systems for compressed air are available in limited access in the building. Air is categorized as industrial air, any additional filtering systems must be provided by the exhibitor
  • Please mark the form if POTABLE WATER is required.
  • Please specify if a drain will be required for your water fill.
  • A representative must be present in the booth or a fill line must be clearly marked before the water fill can be completed.


  • You must include a layout with your order to ensure proper placement...
    • Indicate booth orientation on your floor plan.
    • Note an on-site contact name for reference.

Conditions and Regulations:

  • All equipment must comply with all federal, state and city safety codes.
  • The customer must never hook-up or discontinue service without prior authorization from CECM.
  • The customer is never allowed to drain their own equipment of any water through the portholes in the floor of the exhibit hall, lobby or meeting rooms.
  • The customer will be responsible for any/all damages to the Phoenix Convention Center grounds, equipment or structure due to the customer's equipment, act or omissions.


Please call for information and quotes on services not described above.

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